How Memories, Photos, Books Was Born

We all have them. We all take them. Whether we have an actual camera or we use our mobile phone, we have all taken a photo sometime in our lives. The problem is that that is where it ends; we take our photo and it lives in our phones, on our memory cards, in our pc’s. That’s where our idea was born from; taking either digital copies or the physical photograph, and scanning them into a customised book, having all of your precious memories close by, with the original safely packed away, or stored in the cloud.
As a working mom of 3 who found herself suddenly unemployed, four months passed before I had any idea as to how I was going to continue supporting my family. Enter Paula Schefermann, the genius behind Bumble Box. Specialising in bespoke coffee table books of children’s artwork, she found that there was a niche in the industry for photo books. She then contacted me, and Memories, Photos, Books was born.
Photographs are so important; it is said that a picture can tell a thousand words.
Imagine the story that a book of pictures can tell.